UL Cords

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CodeDescriptionAWG SizeConnectorsInsulationJacketVoltage Rating
XTChristmas Tree Thermoplastic202PlasticNo Jacket125
SPE-1Service Elastomer Thermo Plastic - 1/64" Insulation182 or 3ElastomerNo Jacket300
SPE-2Service Elastomer Thermo Plastic - 2/64" Insulation18-162 or 3ElastomerNo Jacket300
SPE-3Service Elastomer Thermo Plastic - 3/64" Insulation18-102 or 3ElastomerNo Jacket300
SPT-1Service Parallel Thermo Plastic - 1/64" Insulation182 or 3PlasticNo Jacket300
SPT-2Service Parallel Thermo Plastic - 2/64" Insulation18-162 or 3PlasticNo Jacket300
SPT-3Service Parallel Thermo Mastic - 3/64" Insulation18-102 or 3PlasticNo Jacket300
SVService Vaccum182 or 3RubberRubber300
SVEService Vaccum Elastomer18-172 or 3ElastomerElastomer300
SVEOSVE with Oil-Resistant Jacket18-172 or 3ElastomerElastomer300
SVEOOSVE with Oil-Resistant Insulation & Jacket18-172 or 3ElastomerElastomer300
SVOService Vaccum Oil-Resistant Jacket182 or 3RubberRubber300
SVOOSV with Oil-Resistant Insulation & Jacket182 or 3RubberRubber300
SVTService Vaccum Thermoplastic18-172 or 3PlasticPlastic300
SVTOSVT with Oil-Resistant Jacket18-172 or 3PlasticPlastic300
SVTOOSVT with Oil-Resistant Insulation & Jacket18-172 or 3PlasticPlastic300
SJService Junior18-102,3,4RubberRubber300
SJEService Junion Elastomer18-102,3,4,5ElastomerElastomer300
SJEOSJE with Oil-Resistant Jacket18-102,3,4,5ElastomerElastomer300
SJEOWSJEO with Outdoor Jacket18-102,3,4,5ElastomerElastomer300
SJEOOSJE with Oil-Resistant Insulation and Jacket18-102,3,4,5ElastomerElastomer300
SJOSJ with Oil-Resistant Jacket18-102,3,4RubberRubber300
SJOOSJ with Oil-Resstant Insulation and Jacket18-102,3,4RubberRubber300
SJTService Junior Thermoplastic18-102,3,4PlasticPlastic300
SJTWSJT with Outdoor Jacket18-102,3,4PlasticPlastic300
SJTOSJT with Oil-Resistant Jacket18-102,3,4PlasticPlastic300
SJTOOSJT with Oil-Resistant Insulation and Jacket18-102,3,4PlasticPlastic300
SService18-22 or moreRubberRubber600
SEService Elastomer18-22 or moreElastomerElastomer600
SEOSE with Oil-Resistant Jacket18-22 or moreElastomerElastomer600
SEOWSEO with Outdoor Jacket18-22 or moreElastomerElastomer600
SEOOSE with Oil-Resistant Insulation & Jacket18-22 or moreElastomerElastomer600
SOService with Oil-Resistant Jacket18-22 or moreRubberRubber600
SOOSO with Oil-Resistant Insulation and Jacket18-22 or moreRubberRubber600
STService Thermoplastic18-22 or morePlasticPlastic600
STWST with Outdoor Jacket18-22 or morePlasticPlastic600
STOST with Oil-Resistant Jacket18-22 or morePlasticPlastic600
STOOST with Oil-Resistant Insulation & Jacket18-22 or morePlasticPlastic600
HPNHeater Parallel Neoprene18-122 or 3RubberNo Jacket300
HSJHeater Service Junior18-122,3,4RubberRubber300
HSJOHSJ with Oil-Resistant Jacket18-122,3,4RubberRubber300
HSHeater Service14-122,3,4RubberRubber300
HSOHS with Oil-Resistant Jacket14-122,3,4RubberRubber300
NOTE: Service parallel types-wall thickness for integral construction includes insulation and jacket combined.
Elastomer is a thermoplastic material with elastothermic properties similar to rubber.